It’s Meme Time and Grumpy Cat is the First in Line

Peaksel has just launched its firstling when it comes to memes – Grumpy Cat Meme Generator – a new app on the Google Play market with thousand ready-made…

Nis, Serbia and Montenegro, March 27, 2013 –(

)– Grumpy Cat Meme Generator is the name of the new app by Peaksel Company, which is available for free download on Google Play market for Android devices. The purpose of this app is to create sarcastic remarks and funny memes.

“We realize the great influence that memes have on people and their spreading like wildfire all over the Internet, and with this app we wanted to transfer a little of that meme craze onto the mobile world,” said Marko, company’s CEO. “The reason why we have chosen Grumpy Cat as our first meme in the series of meme apps to come is that this cat is company’s favorite meme and in this way we wanted to show her respect,” he added.

As far as the usage of this app is concerned, there are a couple of options for the users. The first option is to use those instant remarks and comments by clicking on the random button. However, the real purpose of this app is to enable people to generate their own comments and share them with the rest of the world. There is even an option to insert picture from the phone gallery or use a phone camera and take a picture on the spot and combine it with the Grumpy Cat and its furry scowl to make things even more ironic, sarcastic and funnier.

This application is suitable for people who like sites like “9gag” or “Tumblr” and other similar sites. The main purpose is bringing people together in one big funny community.

For all the further information about this app, please check the Google play store

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